10 must haves for designers #5


The good thing about a design blog trying to inspire you, is that we are designers too. Which means we know about the way you look at and think about the world. We as designers care more about the beauty of a product than anyone else, product that fill our homes should not just be functional, but also be beautiful and be unique.

1. Armstrong Light Trap

Design Objects

2. Sunwar Solar Lamp

Design Objects

3. Little Bluetooth speaker by LON

Design Objects

4. Typography Bookshelf by Meb Rure

Design Objects

5. Tone35 Wall Clock by Jeff Amsterdam

Design Objects

6. Chateau Set of 3 Botanical Jars

Design Objects

7. Desk by Jory Brigham


8.  Slade mobile airdesk

Design Objects

9. Falling Books Bookend by Art Ori


10. Egg Chair by Nanna Ditzes


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  1. Alice

    Very beautiful. I always try to find something funtional and unique, here they are.