10 Must Haves For Designers


We designers are a fan of gadgets that make our lives easier.
Here is a list of a few nice must have gadgets I came across.



Portable Photo Studio – $49.99



Trace Light Box with Solid Oak Frame – $124.16



Desktop Jellyfish Tank – $382



M.C. Escher. The Graphic Work – $10



Damn Good Advice By George Lois – $9.95



The Shape of Design – $29.99



Art Table 48″ x 30″ -Black Frame – $399.00



Leap Motion Control Advice – $70



Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones – $299.95



Canon Camera Lens Mugs – $24


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  1. Patropi Comunica

    Wow! Nice things indeed. I´m already a proud owner of that Escher´s book since college. Now, I´ll get F. Chimero´s book.