Advanced Dirty Car Art by Scott Wade


Scott Wade is an artist from San Marcos, Texas (USA). For his paintings, he has switched his regular canvas for a dirty car window. He must have started out writing “Wash Me” on a dirty car window and his first image was probably a smiling face, however since then he has evolved! Check out his much more advanced creations below.



Uncle Albert by Scott Wade

Birth of Venus by Scott Wade

Wild Flowers by Scott Wade

Him & Her by Scott WadeHill Country Stainway by Scott Wade

Escape the Desert by Scott Wade

Happy Holidays by Scott Wade

Friend in Need: Rain by Scott Wade

Friend in Need: Rain Bulldog Detail

Cpl Robert Zane Childress Iraq by Scott Wade

On the Road by Scott Wade

Two Thumbs Up by Scott Wade



Here’s a video of him creating one of his artworks:



More dirty car paintings of Scott Wade can be found on his website


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