Anamorphic Typography


Here are a couple of excellent examples of anamorphic typography.

The first is by Joseph Egan and Hunter Thomson (excellent name!), two London-based graphic design students studying at Chelsea College of Art & Design.  For one of their college projects the guys created an anamorphic typographic project, which they describe as, ‘an exploration of the potential and existing relationship between architecture and typography.’



Their project makes explores the importance of perspective, encouraging the viewer to interact with and unravel the installation. Joseph and Hunter also cleverly work the project’s mission statement into the installation.



The second example comes from global branding agency, The Partners. It was completed for the 2011 World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Switzerland.


Follow Jospeph or Hunter on Twitter: @JosephJohnEgan@eysa3RD or visit their portfolios or

Check out The Partners’ website or follow them on Twitter @the_partners

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