Avatar Landscape .psd file


Avatar Landscape by Jennifer Cirpici
This .psd was created for Advanced Photoshop magazine issue 87.

Advanced Photoshop asked me to create an Avatar-like landscape for them.

Which isn’t easy to do in a certain amount of steps and making it that easy for everyone following along with you (I couldn’t use a 3D program for example or people wouldn’t understand certain parts).

There was a challenge how to make a good looking image, in a certain amount of steps and clearly to follow. There has been many trial and errors into this one.

But the end result came out good for the amount of steps I believe. Advanced Photoshop was very pleased with it.

You can buy issue 87 here  and will find the psd. file on the CD as well.


Download .psd file


Keep in mind that this PSD file is only for learning, not to sell or reproduce

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