Being a Product of The Social Media


Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are just a few examples of Social Media:
A site where you can interact with other people all over the world, while they don’t even need to know you. But is Social Media a good thing?



In Social Media you’ll see a lot of different people. You have designers, teenagers, grandma’s, Justin Bieber fans, business people and more.
We all have the urge of sharing information.

Facebook gets 100 billion hits and Twitter 50 million tweets per day.

In 2010 Facebook would be just under China on 3rd place with having the most population, if they would have been a country.
Facebook and Twitter are aware of the people who visit their site and their actions.
How they’ve designed the layout is based on it: to make you want to update your status and tweet more and keep it going. It can be quite addicting.

Actually, you are not the client. You are the product. They use you to keep their site going.

When having Social Media like Twitter and Facebook around, you don’t need to truly be yourself anymore. You can be a total different person than who you really are in real life.
You can have 1500+ friends and you can mark your own status in the society of the internet.

Harsh truth is is that nowadays we spend too much time on sites like Social Media.
More than 20% of the U.S. Population plays Social Media Games.
We often forget that the world is spinning around us, that the best way of interacting with people is still through a handshake and giving them our business card.

Social Media can manipulate your perception on who someone is.

If that person has 120k followers on Twitter or a verified badge that person must be awesome; we all think.

If however we would not spend so much time on the computer being busy with Twitter or other Social Media, we would have more time to get things done.
To finish this email to a client we’re writing and make less grammar mistakes, go to bed early and wake up in time, or spend more time with family and real friends.

Social Media can be a good distraction from the ‘real world’ while everything in 2012 is busy. Everything is going fast. Now now now, and not later is what our work is demanding from us. People nowadays need to be less stressed. With Social Media you kind of create your own space. Similar to when we used to be children and make our own tents to just be left alone for a while.

Social Media is the way of interacting now. You don’t have to show body language and you won’t be judged on how you look.

Social Media is good when you know how to use it; not spending too much time on it, but keeping it balanced. Still finding your real life friends and family more important than the internet and your status on there. Social Media can help your business grow by ads and sponsored tweets for example.

Become the client and not the product.

It’s easy to get in touch with people, find work, promote yourself, and your site,
but don’t drown in it. Don’t forget the world around you and the opportunities you might miss because you’re spending too much time on the internet and with Social Media.

Be social without the media, go outside and have a beer with a mate.
It’s also very relaxing.


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  1. Johnny Kruis

    Thats good advice, thanks Jennifer.