Being creative on Nature and Landscape Photography


Today we are going to show you a creative approach on nature and landscape photography with available tools.
Jakob Wagner surely knows how to utilise his to play with the available light in his scenes, and show us the world in a different way.

While applying some creative techniques, the quality is kept intact as he plays with all the elements available like choosing an amazing vanishing point, moving the camera and for him it does not matter what the condition is, he finds a creative way to take a photograph by creating his own setting.



You can notice below how Jakob applies the “Zoom Burst” technique as his main objective, creating a hybrid between photography and painting.
It is not only photography, but all together, technique and artistry:



One of the best images Jakob shares with us on his website is with no doubt where he captured the lines and patterns of nature like elements from different point of views, and played with shadows and colors:



These photos not only are pleasant and different, as well as they should inspire us to “play” with what surround us.

Check more at his website
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