BookBook by Twelve South


Your Ultimate MacBook Protection

It was monday morning around 8:30 when I went to another day of school,  I took my MacBook Pro and it’s sleeve from my backpack to start working. But with my mind still far far away in dreamland, I dropped my MacBook…. It wasn’t a big drop, only 30 centimeters, so I wasn’t worried. But when I took my precious Macbook Pro from it’s sleeve, there was a ugly, damaged edge. From that moment I knew I needed a better case of sleeve, which would actually protect my Macbook. A few months later I ran into the BookBook by Twelve South; an amazing vintage Macbook case.

Twelve South claims it’s handmade genuine leather. They claim it offers some heavy duty protection. And they claim it looks really good. And I can’t say they are wrong in any of those things, because it looks amazing, it smells like leather (yes I smelled it after buying one myself), and it feels super strong and way beter than a soft sleeve.

Beneath a couple of pictures of the BookBook by twelve south, so you can decide for yourself what you think. But if you ask me, it’s the perfect case for a designer; stylish but yet the ultimate protection for our precious MacBooks.




BookBook Twelve South MacBook Case



BookBook Twelve South MacBook Case


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