Celebrity Portraits by Jason Mecier


Jason Mecier is a mosaic portrait artist based in San Fransisco. He has been creating portraits with all sorts of trash but also foods such as rice, salt and pepper, bacon, dog food, junk food and even marijuana!



Amy Winehouse by Jason Mecier

Obama by Jason Mecier

Charlie Chaplin by Jason Mecier

Micheal Jackson by Jason Mecier

Pam Anderson by Jason Mecier

E.T. by Jason Mecier

Nicolas Cage by Jason Mecier

Lady Gaga by Jason Mecier

More mosaic portraits of Jason Mecier can be found on his website www.jasonmecier.com,
follow him on Twitter @JasonMecier and on his Facebook.

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2 Responses to “Celebrity Portraits by Jason Mecier”

  1. ester

    Where is http://www.schimmelart.com ? Portraits made from junk mail…

    • Ben den Hartog

      Wow, great work as well! Thanks for sharing Ester!