Chris Labrooy


The architecture of Frank Ghery and Toyo Ito, the early 80’s furniture design of Ettore Sottass, and many a colourful sex toy have all provide inspiration for designer and illustrator Chris Labrooy.

After initially using 3D whilst studying Design Products at the RCA, Labrooy has gone on to develop a body of immaculate CGI based design work that coalesces typography, architecture and product design.

Labrooy crafts everyday objects and aspects of design, wether that be an iconic building or the formal language of a furniture designer,  into typographic and sculptural forms that are familiar yet refreshingly new.

Most recently self initiated projects like  Auto Aerobics have further cemented Labrooy’s reputation as a leading proponent and highly original voice within the burgeoning CGI illustration scene.

Producing work that draws so eclectically from the world of design, Labrooy has already exhibited at the Design Museum London and can list Nike,  NY Department of Transportation, Future Publishing, Scientific America and Microsoft amongst others as clients.


Players & Posers 1

Players & Posers 3

Players & Posers 2

Auto Aerobics 2

Auto Aerobics 1

Auto Aerobics 3

Nike Air Max

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