Colourful Remote Controlled Car Paintings by Ian Cook


Ian Cook is an artist from Birmingham, England. He is the founder of Pop Bang Colour under which he makes paintings. However these are not average paintings, he has replaced his brushed with remote controlled cars. Besides remote controlled cars, he also uses real tyres and for some paintings even real cars. Here you can see some of his artworks, and also some videos to on how he creates those colourful textured paintings.


Autosport International 2012 Painting by Ian Cook

Mini Cooper Painting by Ian Cook

Landrover 'Born Free' Freelander Painting by Ian Cook

Jaquar E-Type Painting by Ian Cook

Scania Truck Painting by Ian Cook

Ferrai 458 Italia Painting by Ian Cook

Aston Martin DBR1 Painting by Ian Cook

Suzuki Samsung Cresent Painting by Ian Cook

VW World Autodrawings Painting by Ian Cook



A few videos of Ian Cook creating the paintings:




Ian Cook in Action


More stunning work of Ian Cook can be found on his website Pop Bang Colour Also find him on Flickr and on Twitter @popbangcolour

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