Creative Illustrated Playing Cards


When you walk through the streets, on your way to work or school, everything around us is designed. But the thing is we often don’t realise that. And maybe that’s a good thing, because that means all designers can find something they like to design. It almost sounds like everyone could find a job they would like in the design world, because there is so much. Something I never thought about for example is that playing cards are designed too, because they are mostly nothing special. Just some hearts or aces including a number. But designers can do some really creative things with playing cards. I collected some beautiful illustrated examples for your inspiration. Maybe you could try it yourself one day.



 1. Artisan Playing Cards 

I purchased those myself a while back. Really love the details, the packaging is really amazing too, check it out on the link below.



2. Creative Cards by Digital Abstracts

Those Playing Cards contain 52 different styles by 52 different artists.



3. Cards by David Carrillo



4.  The Simpsons Playing Cards by Charles AP



5. Playing Cards by Karina Eibatova



6.  Incredible Men by Tomski & Polanski

Incredible Men and their Amazing Stories.


7. Captain Morgan by Robert Sindermann

I added those Captain Morgan cards because each card is hand drawn, which is truly amazing.



8. Empire Playing Cards by Lee McKenzie

Illustrated Playing Cards



9. Type Deck by Chris Cavill

For the typography lovers amongst us, a deck of 52 playing cards containing just custom made typefaces.


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