Creative Warfare with Post It’s


The term Post It War originated in France in the summer of 2011.
Ubisoft, a game developer initiated it by creating old gaming characters
on windows such as Super Mario and Pacman.
Across the street was BNP Paribas who decided to respond
by also creating figures with Post It’s.




This is the beginning of the Post It War.
Since then it has spread to the rest of the world:




Ubisoft evolved with its Post It’s illustrations, this time the character of
the game Assassins Creed spread over 3 floors.



This piece tops it all and spreads over 6 floors, it consists of 11,000 Post It’s,
made by Société Générale Bank, Astrix & Obelix!




A time-lapse video of the creation



Though this Elvis artwork of Post It’s is not part of the Post It War, it is a beautiful piece none the less.


You can see ‘the making of’ here  and the photo’s on Flickr .


Find more images of the Post It War on

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