Diego Gravinese


Argentinian born-painter Diego Gravinese creates visually stunning hyperreal artwork which takes the word ‘real’ to a whole new level. Using oil on canvas and acrylic to create paintings that at first glance resemble a series of photographs. His work contains an enormous amount of detail which captures the world in photo-realistic style.



The Argentinian artist has recently finished work on the British hard rock band the Darkness‘ third studio album cover



Diego Gravinese was born in La Plata, Argentina in 1971. His work has been shown internationally over the past 15 years in New York, Paris, Madrid, Turin, Buenos Aires, Chicago, and Los Angeles. He worked with Ruth Benzacar and ZavaletaLab galleries in Buenos Aires and with DeChiara gallery in New York. He currently lives and works in Buenos Aires. Bio via Flavorpill


You can find more of Diego’s fantastic work over on his website www.diegogravinese.com and his Flickr.

For more news on what he’s up to at the moment you can follow his tweets @Diego_Gravinese


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