Diego L. Rodriguez Photography


Today we are starting our photography feature with Diego L. Rodríguez from Spain who is both skilled in Graphic Design & Photography.

Diego has been to America, and now lives in Mexico. He has experience while being in Madrid e Los Angeles. As a photographer he started his career not too long ago shooting some stills in short films and in the school of cinema.

He is both talented in composition as well as editing, as you can see below.



Diego knows how to keep it simple while maintaining all the good details. We should pay some attention to the way he applies different editing and lighting techniques in the way he approaches different concepts. Take a look at how bold and sharp these portraits are for these fighters.



The quality in Diego’s digital techniques as well the movement and energy he captures in his photographs should be a source of inspiration for those of us who are thinking on taking the next step in fashion photography and portraiture.

Check out his photography website at diegolrodriguez.com
Twitter @diegolrodriguez


Keep an eye on otherfocus.com so you won’t miss the next feature when we present Diego’s talent as a digital artist.

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