Digital Art by Finnian MacManus


Finnian MacManus is from Chicago, United States.
He is just 17 years old but has already built a stunning portfolio to look out for.
He uses Photoshop, Cinema 4D and Vue to create his artwork and specialises in,
as you can guess from the programs he uses, in 3D.

When you look at Finnian’s artwork it is clear that he knows how to use lighting,
shadow and 3D elements well.
We look forward to watching this young 17 year old designer on
his creative path, continuing  to make amazing artwork!



Collaboration with Erik Schumacher



Check out his portfolio at
and give him a follow on his Twitter @fmacmanus

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3 Responses to “Digital Art by Finnian MacManus”

  1. Anthony

    Pretty awesome work! One day he will be an awesome concept artist and level 97 Finncat

  2. Cory

    Is stuff is amazing , support him dudez