Dutch Mountain by denieuwegeneratie


From Beijing to New York and from Paris to Moscow – dynamic Dutch architecture can be found all over the world.
Dutch architecture gained great recognition as early as the beginning of the 20th century.
Dutch people are known for being practical and down-to-earth – qualities that are paired with an eye for beauty.

The Dutch architecture industry is one of the most innovative in the world and is influenced by the lack of space, the regard for sustainability, the increasing influence of users and the problems associated with water. Dutch architects are renowned worldwide for their social engagement, use of innovative materials and sustainability.

Projects like the Cube Houses in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and the Canton Tower in Guangzhou, China are examples made by Dutch architects.

Dutch Mountain

Today we present you the Dutch Mountain, a project done by denieuwegeneratie based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
They completed Dutch Mountain in December 2011.

In the underground house you can see tons of inspiring details like the skateboard stairs, glazed floor openings, raised curtains, the car book closet and a decoration made out of teapots.
Not to mention that the house is all eco friendly.

“The underground house is embedded in the moorland. De large glass facade allows the sun to warm the concrete shell. The thermal mass keeps this warmth and cools the house in the summer. The wooden cantilever regulates sun and is the only visible architecture in the landscape. The open structure of the house is filled in with a light set of rooms, giving it a flexibility to grow together with its owners.”

– denieuwegeneratie



Photo’s by Jaap Vliegenthart and John Lewis Marshall

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