Elegant Package Design by Watts Design


Watts Design was established from 1988  by award winning Australian graphic designers, Helen and Peter Watts. They provide a wide area of services from brochure design, packaging, brand development, and corporate identity to name a few.

I stumbled upon their website and couldn’t be more taken back by their package and print designs. See for yourself.



Find more of their inspiring work on their website www.wattsdesign.com.au

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2 Responses to “Elegant Package Design by Watts Design”

  1. Helen Watts

    Hi Faheema,
    Interesting to see that some of the design pieces you have chosen, were designed over 15 years ago! We pride ourselves on trying to bring to life a quality which is timeless and classic, yet still contemporary to our creative solutions, striking a chord with the desired target and resulting in longevity in the market place.
    Thank you for your kind words,
    Helen Watts

  2. Graphic Design Services


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