Fashion Photography by Tina Patni


Tina Patni is a fashion and beauty photographer residing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Her photographs are filled with intense stories bordering on concepts between melancholy
to the complete opposite. Her style can be considered to be vintage with a large influence of Romanticism with an aesthetically modern appeal.
Tina’s photographs mostly depict models in ornate and intricate gowns
with sometimes subtle or grungy settings.





Tina describes photography as an art seen as paintings or illustrations. She believes that photographing people can be challenging but yet feels a sense of vulnerability, she feels vulnerable because she wants to depict compelling photographs while trying to keep
her work simple and classic.





 I want simple light, minimalist background; I want to see texture and a simple expression.





Tina takes her inspiration from just about anything and believes that creating a style is a
key component to the evolution of one’s photographic journey.





If you shoot enough, try different things, you will eventually figure out what you like, and what you want. Experiment, play and have fun! Keep your eyes open. Notice the things around you. Trust your eye and take pictures of things you love!





Find more of Tina’s inspiring work on her website 

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