Impressive Conceptual Portraits by Dean Bradshaw


Australian born photographer Dean Bradshaw resides in Southern California. Who would have thought that this multi-talented photographer used to be a field biologist working with snakes in outback Australia!

I guess one can say that he likes the thrill because this transfers to another medium which is his passion for creating high impact conceptual portraits which conveys a story.

What I find striking about Dean’s work is his attention to lightning and colour, it’s crisp and impressive! I asked Dean a few questions to explain a little about his process, take a look below.



What inspires you?
I would say I have two types of inspiration, conceptual and aesthetic. Conceptual inspiration I find through many different channels, and relates to the ideas that I try to convey in my imagery. It can come from personal experience, books, music, current events etc.
Aesthetically, I am most inspired by the amazing preponderance of digital art, photography and film that we are exposed to via the internet. That said, I like to make images my own, so try to take what I see around me and put my own twist on it. I like to make my aesthetic approach based on what concept I am trying to convey – and in line with aesthetic taste and vision.

How do you come up with such concepts?
Conceptual images are driven by two things, firstly there are commercial advertising projects, where the concept is driven by the brand and agency and then there’s my own personal work where I have free reign over the messaging and ideas. Thankfully, because so many clients hire me based on my vision, I often have a say in the art direction of the imagery in my commercial work. As far as personal work goes, I try to create images that I would like to see, often based on situations that pop into my head or based on particular access I have to a subject or location. I’d like my work to be a reflection of me, so I try to photograph things that interest me and concepts which resonate with my own thoughts. Coming up with ideas isn’t the problem – it’s making them happen which is the difficult part. Too often I have so many ideas swimming around my mind that it can be difficult to invest in and focus on only one.

Your post processing work is stunning, tell us a little about it.
My post processing work is a big part of the image making process. Much of my work is characterized by a hyper-real treatment in terms of color and contrast. I have a background in commercial retouching and compositing and it is a skill set which I leverage to make my images stand apart. I use photoshop and a pen tablet, building scenes from multiple elements in some cases, and in others simply sculpting contrast and color to create the kinds of images that I’d like to look at. For me the post production process is as integral and creative as the pre-production and shoot process. Compositing and the amazing things we can do in photoshop allow me to create images that would be impossible to create any other way.


Take a look at these videos showing behind the scenes of how these amazing photos are created.


Find more of Dean’s work on his website
Also follow him on Twitter @deanbradshaw


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