Improve Your Photography


Improve and play with your photographs!

Let’s say you already took some awesome pictures, great composition,
the subject is in a perfect setting, but something is missing.
Is it that the light or the colours are not appealing? You needed to increase your ISO
and now you may  just have a noise issue or you just need to try and add some good effects,
black and white for example.

Let’s start.

Here are 10 FREE photoshop actions and curves for you from around the web,
click on the image for the download page:



Now you found that beautiful location but some of the photos need some improvement
or you went on vacation  and took your camera and want to impress your friends,
here are 10 more FREE  photoshop actions around the web,
which are great for landscape photography:



Have you ever wondered how to create the “tilt-shift” effect without lenses for that propose?
You don’t even need to minimize your browser:


TiltShift Generator by Art&Mobile


OK, you are now asking for quality actions since you’re running a business.
Well, without many words you can “get totally rad” with these ones that I recommend:


Totally Rad Photoshop Actions



A friend of mine recently showed me his first book, black and white photography,
if you want to try your next step on those kind of images just take a look at Silver Efex:


Silver Efex Pro – The World’s Leading Black and White Software


And of course you need to reduce noise to give your clients top quality images,
get your hands on this plugin:


Noise Ninja – The Gold Standard for image noise reducing


I’m sure this will help you, just for the fun or to stand out in your own business.
Show us some of your work where you used these plugins to enhace them.
Who knows we may just feature them in our photography inspiration!

If you have your own actions/curves/presets, and want to share it, send us an email!

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