Incredible microscopic photography by Caren Alpert


Commercial photographer, Caren Alpert, decided to take macro photography to a whole new level by utilising a scanning electron microscope to take photos of food unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. She titled the truly incredible project, Terra Cibus.

Each image is labelled – you would not have a chance of figuring them out otherwise!


In Caren’s own words,

‘I’ve made a living over the last decade capturing mostly recognisable images of food. Now I want to show what is there, but what we never actually see: landscapes, patterns and textures that ignite a completely different response from the viewer. Photographs taken with electron microscopes have seized my interest because of their mystery and simultaneous familiarity. This medium deconstructs, abstracts, and reveals the ordinary in a riveting way.’


A fortune cookie:


A pineapple  leaf:


Cake sprinkles:


A shrimp tail (?!?!)


Vitamin C:




A Lifesaver candy:


Sundried tomatoes:


Table salt:


Blue Berry


The colour and texture that Caren captures in these abstract images are absolutely staggering.This project makes one stop and appreciate the complex beauty of the ‘ordinary’ fruits of nature (pardon the pun) that surround us daily.

Head over to Caren’s site to view these images in full screen – it’s well worth doing:


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2 Responses to “Incredible microscopic photography by Caren Alpert”

  1. Faheema Patel

    Woah! I think macro photography is pretty amazing seeing things on such a minuscule scale, but this is pretty amazing and kind of scary at the same time!

  2. Johnny Kruis

    These could make some really nice textures to work with, do you think she would be okay with that?