Jeff Harris: 4,748 Self-Portraits And Counting


I noticed this short film on another blog a little while back and have been telling people to watch it ever since. Jeff Harris is a photographer hailing from Toronto Canada (probably another reason for the certified amazingness). He embarked on a project back in 1999 which involved him taking a self portrait every single day – a visual diary basically. However, Jeff’s life took a detour in 2008 when he was diagnosed with cancer and every moment of his battle with it is covered here.

The photo a day/visual journal concept is certainly nothing new – but Jeff’s photos, combined with his commentary on the film and it’s effect on his outlook to life really make for a bit of a roller coaster of emotions.

Anyway, it’s a cracking little short film – view it below and head over to Jeff’s homepage¬†for more info and work. Do be warned though, there are a few graphic images involving his surgery towards the end of the film.


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