Jennifer Cirpici Speaker at FITC Amsterdam 2012


FITC Amsterdam 2012


We are happy to announce that our founder Jennifer Cirpici will be speaking at FITC Amsterdam 2012 on Tuesday the 28th of February.

She will be talking about her work, experiences and the do’s & don’ts which are important for achieving your goals. Also she will introduce you to OtherFocus. So if you liked her articles, 10 Excellent Advices for Designers, Achieving Your Goals and Get Accepted in a Creative Agency you will surely like her presentation!

I will be there as well. If you are going to FITC Amsterdam 2012, we would love to meet you!


This event has taken place, we’ve recorded the presentation of Jennifer Cirpici which can be viewed here.

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4 Responses to “Jennifer Cirpici Speaker at FITC Amsterdam 2012”

  1. Anne Elster

    Awesome! I hope someone will film it ;)

    • Ben den Hartog

      I might be recording it ;)

      • Marius Tungesvik

        That would be great! I can’t make it, and I would really love to see the presentation