Mikito Ozeki’s Intricate Cut Outs


I’m sure most of you have cut out pieces from card before but how many of you have cut out intricate details like this? As if the blade were your pen, no pencil lines, no eraser, only one motion from the blade pressed against the surface and the shape is formed.

This guy, Mikito Ozeki  has got great skill judging from his precision and patience and I wonder if he ends up with a sore finger after all that cutting! Take a look at the final piece in the video, it’s packed with detail.



Some more of his intricate work involves pieces with themes such as pipes, roads, garages, and bodies.





Find more of Mikito’s work on his website:  www.mikito.jp

Follow him on Twitter: @mikitoozeki  

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3 Responses to “Mikito Ozeki’s Intricate Cut Outs”

  1. deyvison Garcia

    JUST AWESOME…. wooww

  2. Marius Tungesvik

    stunning.. truly amazing!

  3. ahmer

    amazing style and work