Music Video – Cut the world


Every once in a while you stumble across a music video which seems to stand out amongst the rest, Nabil Elderkin – director of Antony Hegarty and his pop baroque collective – Antony and the Johnsons ‘Cut the world’ video does just that.

Set to ‘Cut the world’, the cast stars Dutch actress Carice van Houten and Willem Dafoe as a businessman in a modern downtown setting. From start to finish the piece is beautifully filmed and well acted. I won’t give away the videos creepy plot – so I’ll leave you with the note that the director Nabil Elderkin gets quite literal with the title.


Antony and the Johnsons – Cut the World



More of Nabil Elderkins work can be found over on his website

You can also find more of Antony and the Johnsons music and media through their website


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