New football field sized billboard debuted on Times Square



This new billboard with the size of football field seems for most of us a bit unreal, right? But New York City shows us that it is possible and that this is the future of advertising.

The advertising billboard which is eight stories high houses some 24 million LED pixels debuted with an exhibition of digital art by Universal Everything Studio. The new billboard is located in the heart of Times Square and faces the intersection passed every day by an average of 300,000 pedestrians and 115,000 drivers and passengers. Wow!

Harry Coghlan, President and General Manager of Clear Channel Outdoor:“It’s a full city block. It’s 80 feet tall, 330 feet wide, 25,000 square feet. It’s the size of a football field.”

And how much is it to actually advertise on this billboard? According to Adweek it’s about $2.5 million a month. Google will be the first company to run an ad after Universal Everything Studio. When you are in New York City, make sure you are visiting this billboard. Because you are looking at an innovating product with spectacular digital art to show.


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