OtherFocus version 2


Welcome to the new OtherFocus, it has been a while!

OtherFocus is an online journalism platform focusing on the world of creativity. We believe in quality above quantity. Featuring interesting things that we enjoy. OtherFocus was founded in 2011 by Jennifer Cirpici, a designer, illustrator and speaker from The Netherlands. Since it’s foundation Anthony Gargasz (USA) and Edward Blake Edwards (UK) joined the team as well. The combination of different cultures, taste and drive makes OtherFocus what it is today: a unique quality experience.

During 2012 – 2014 I’ve been working on OtherFocus and thinking of how it could be more appealing. It took several layout changes, many developers working on it, time and grey hairs but I think I can finally say that we have something we can be proud of.

So, what exactly changed?

  • OtherFocus now has a minimal look, custom made. We’ve did this so that you can experience the site and it’s content better without being distracted.  Even the logo has changed.
  • Nice big headers.
  • No ads! Because we dislike them too.
  • An entire new menu navigation
  • A new way of going through the posts by infinity scrolling (just like Facebook has).
  • A typographical change. We’re now using one of my favourite fonts: Avenir and Adobe Garamond.
  • Mobile, iPad friendly (we’re still working on this though!)
  • A new way of searching with #hashtags!
  • The wallpaper category makes it easier to download wallpapers for your screen or iPhone, iPad. We’ll bring this feature out in the next couple of days.
  • The #404 page is better
  • Mentioning the copyright of the things we feature more. Being artists ourselves, we know how much you value this. So we’ve now added a ‘visit website’ button and underneath the posts we’re mentioning credits and copyright.
  • We’re discussing a give away with our friends at Wacom at the moment and planning to do more stuff with them!

Please keep in mind that we are still working on fixing some gremlins (bugs and thumbnails). Also, due to unforeseen circumstances our developer will continue working on the site and fixing the bugs in a couple of days/next week.

We’re truly grateful for all the positive feedback we’ve got so far and the continuous support from you all. This means a lot to us and makes us eager to continue sharing work!

I would also like to thank these two amazing friends: Anthony Gargasz and Edward Blake Edwards. Best staff I could wish for. We’ve kept in touch a lot during the 2 years break and we’ve watched each other grow as artists and individuals.

 Last but not least thanks to the following OtherFocus friends as well (in no particular order):

Marc Thomas, our developer!

Nik Sumeiko, Ben Thomas, Faheema Patel, Greg Browne, Igor Alcada, Parker Peterson, Parker Gibson, Craig Minchington, Pete Harrison, Simon Page, Dot Lung, François Hoang, Diego L. Rodriguez, Nicolas Monin Baroille, Luis Miguel Torres, Jonathan Wong, Patrick Cartelli, Michael Kammerer, Pixelkaiju, Lee Gargano, Harish Chouhan, Karolina Karch, Alice Schippers, Amber Uijthoven and Sarina Meester for their support!

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