Photography of Kim Høltermand


Kim Høltermand is an architectural and landscape photographer from Denmark. His work is beautiful and haunting at once. His compositions are incredible but what is really striking about his work to me is his eye for spotting the beauty in what might otherwise be seen as mundane scenes.



To me much of Kim’s work has a desolate, almost post-apocalyptic eeriness to it. Regardless of the setting, he has an incredible ability to make his photos seem like long lost remnants of  the human race.  Many of the urban scenes remind me of the movie The Road (good movie but far better book).



Kim is an incredibly prolific photographer, with tons more equally staggering work so  by all means check out his website to see more and find him on twitter @KimHoltermand

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  1. Richard

    Really nice! Another photographer that i really like to recommend for haunting (and beautifully amazing!) photo’s is Sally Mann!

    • Igor Alçada

      Hey Richard! Yes I remember Sally Mann! Great photographer, but even stronger than this ones, I believe the printed photos must be something crazy. Dreamscapes, drama. I think I can say fine art photography at its best.
      Thank you for sharing! (and remind me)