Poster Give Away by Wojciech Pijecki


Wojciech Pijecki is a 26 year old Illustrator from Poland. You’ve probably seen his work through the collectives Goverdose, Slashthree and Desktopography.


My story began around 6 years ago when I had to do some school projects with Photoshop. Back then I absolutely had no idea how to use it, and seeing some great projects on the world wide web only made me want to learn it quicker. My progression was pretty fast, as I forced myself to some hardcore day by day practice. Since then I absolutely fell in love with digital illustration, as it gave me a tremendous variety of art solutions. I haven’t done any studies for it, I only went to kind of a vocational school with advertising-type curriculum, which gave me some basic knowledge. But everything else I had to learn by myself.





Many people thought it was a drawing. I’m flattered with that, but it’s not true. Although the character isn’t drawn, it has some digital brushing elements. But overall, this is the usual photo manipulation style I do. It’s a combination of paint smudges (her face) with some layered textures (her inside).

The concept was made for polish art collective Goverdose, under the artpack called Void. When the theme came out, I was thinking of a person drained from life, feelings; empty and fading inside. And here is the part where the name Bloodroot came in. It’s a plant that actually “bleeds” when it’s cut. It produces a red dye that looks like a blood. So the plant sort of relates to a human body. Specifically – to her body, but in a stage where she is already withered, out of her dye.



How To Enter

  • All you have to do is to leave a comment below! (Make sure we can contact you through your site)
  • You’ll get some surprise goodies with it as well!
  • Winner will be announced next week, the 15th.


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27 Responses to “Poster Give Away by Wojciech Pijecki”

  1. Karol Dybalski

    Great work!

  2. James Lyons

    wow absolutely sensational!!!! DO WANT

  3. WES

    Love the root detail, photoshop of painter ? the depth brings it together !

  4. Peterjaycob

    amazing skills Wojtek!

  5. Marius

    Amazing work! So amazed! Really want this on my naked wall! I am also willing to use the magic word; Please 😀

  6. Rachel

    Wow, this is amazing! Love it!

  7. Khyzyl Saleem

    Jeckis got talent! Epic work man! 😀

  8. Maebh

    Lovely work!

  9. Cory

    This is really great. I’d love to have a print of it.

  10. mateusz krol

    love it!

  11. Theo Cordner

    Absolutely beautiful piece, I’d love this!

  12. Fábio França

    The Ego is far deeper than we can imagine, it´s roots extend beyond the metaphysical world into something unknown to everyone. One can dig, still, will only see branches, roots, twigs and maybe some leaves. You will wonder throw the depths of you´re own thought, searching for the fruit. Although only a face it´s presented to the world, it extend´s itself further away into something something called “I”.
    I love this work, it´s so sickening beautiful, ridiculously amazing.
    Kudos to your work, i just love it!!!

  13. Spartan

    One of my favorite works from him! Love it.

  14. Erik Schumacher

    still love this piece man! Definitely my favorite of your gallery. Wouldn’t say no to a poster hehe.

  15. Daniel Tatarinow

    Great piece, i love the colors and details!

  16. chaitanya


  17. Benny Brand

    This is also one of my favs. Love the idea and execution 😉

  18. Gergo Pocsai

    wicked work! and there is turkish blue in it.grr 😀

  19. Frank Hösler

    Actually thought it was a water coloured drawing, too. Nice details, great piece of work!

  20. Michelle

    This is beautiful work. It is interesting to see the process leading to the final work. Love the intricate details.

  21. Matthew Marshall

    That is incredible.

  22. Bolverk

    Great work! 😀

  23. Otman

    Love this!

  24. Vasco

    Just love it… I’m speechless…
    I’m moving next month and I have a wall that needs an amazing illustration like this.

    Amazing work!

  25. Stephen

    Another masterpiece!

  26. Igor Šćekić

    Amazing work. It would look great on someone’s wall.:)

  27. Laurel Renee

    I aspire to this. As an Electronic Media Student I’m nowhere near this level, but I bow in respect. Wojciech Pijecki is an incredible artist and designer!