Presentation of Jennifer Cirpici at FITC Amsterdam 2012


FITC Amsterdam 2012, a design festival about design and technology, went down on 27-28 February in Felix Meritis, a huge and beautiful building in the center of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Jennifer Cirpici was a speaker at FITC Amsterdam 2012 and I was there as well, equiped with a tripod, the glif and an iPhone 4S to record her presentation. In her presentation she talks about her experiences in the design industry, she gives insights of her way of thinking and how she got to where she is now. And she introduces OtherFocus.




Other articles by Jennifer Cirpici are 10 Excellent Advices for Designers, Achieving Your Goals and Get Accepted in a Creative Agency.


More info about future design festivals of FITC on their website
Find Jennifer Cirpici on her website or follow her on Twitter @JenniferCirpici.


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3 Responses to “Presentation of Jennifer Cirpici at FITC Amsterdam 2012”

  1. Hello, I'm Flo

    Hey hey !

    Nice to see the two motion pieces in your presentation !

    Good job Jen !

    • Ben den Hartog

      Thanks Flo :D We’re happy that we can show you the presentation of Jennifer at FITC Amsterdam 2012 with your masterpieces! :D

  2. Maebh

    Great job Jen! This is awesome.