Scribble Pen: Drawing with CMYK


It hasn’t been very long that you read all about a the new 3D pen all over Facebook and Twitter, created by Lix. But lucky for you and me, technology keeps going on, and introduced Scribble.

The Scribble Ink is a pen that enables you to scan any object with any color, so you can draw or write with that same color you just scanned, anywhere, on anything! Or if you prefer drawing on your phone or tabled, the Scribble+ app automatically sends the scanned color to your phone and tablet.




Scribble Pen Gadget Drawing CMYK


Scribble offers you two different versions of the Scribble, the Scribble Ink that allows you to draw anywhere. And the Scribble Stylus for your tablet. Both are able to scan around 100.000 different colors, which is a lot!


Scribble Pen Gadget Drawing CMYK

Scribble Pen Gadget Drawing CMYK

Scribble Pen Gadget Drawing CMYK



I can imagine you can’t wait to actually get one yourself, you can stay up to date about further development about the Scribble Pen here. 

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  1. Jennifer Cirpici

    Good find Mark! Love it!