Sculptures Made Out of Skateboards by Haroshi


Haroshi is a self-taught artist based in Tokyo, Japan. He creates sculptures from used skateboard decks. During his teens, he had been a passionate skater himself and now he collects old recycled skateboards and use them in his sculptures.


He begins with a pile of skateboards.

Pile of Skateboards by Haroshi



Which he uses to create these sculptures.

Hammerhead Shark by Haroshi

SK8 Rody by Haroshi

Dog by Haroshi

Dog by Haroshi

Foot by Haroshi

Apple by HaroshiFire Hydrant by Haroshi



A small process of the creation of a shoe:

Dunk by Haroshi

Dunk by Haroshi




More work of Haroshi can be found on his website and you can like his page on Facebook

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  1. Frederik

    I really think this is great work, but he should stop now and try something new..