Slowness Is Just As Important As Speed


I stumbled upon Mark Weaver’s project “GOOD Magazine’s “Hurry Up and Wait”
and was quite intrigued with his style of art. His use of minimalism,
and simple, geometric shapes combined with the colour palette, photos
and textures make these pieces aesthetically interesting.





His images were designed for Good Magazine’s article Hurry Up and Wait.

The most prominent futurists were interviewed as they shared their views on the topic.
The article explains the importance of slowness to speed in the future and
it is definitely a good read for any futurists out there.


There was one quote that stood out to me and leaves you to ponder quite alot

‎If everything in our lifetime changed at the same pace that we ourselves changed, we would never understand our own maturity. – Bruce Sterling


Find more of Mark Weaver’s work on his website:
Follow him on Twitter: @markweaver

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