Stichting M – A Straightforward & Powerful Identity


Stichting M, also called M, is a foundation through which people can anonymously give information about serious crimes. The information they receive is then sorted and sent to the police. They aim to reach people close to the perpetrators. Those people want to stay anonymous because the perpetrator knows them, Stichting M offers them a way to stay anonymous.

To encourage people to come forward with information, Stichting M organises campaigns. In those campaign they use printing material, such as flyers and posters and sometimes TV commercials.

They have a distinct branding they use for all their material, always 3 colors: Black, White and Red, and specific shapes, it’s a combination of a square and a circle.


Materials they use in their campaigns can be seen below.

Car Burglary in Wijchen Zuid Poster - Stichting M

Destruction in Amsterdam Tuindorp Oostzaan Poster - Stichting M

Is Jouw Portiek Veilig in Carnisse Flyer - Stichting M

Loverboys Card - Stichting M

Stank voor Drank Poster - Stichting M

Hennep Planten Kweker Flyer - Stichting M

Housebreaking in Overvecht Poster - Stichting M

Drug Trafficking in Gouda Poster - Stiching M

Criminal in the Classroom at ROC Amersfoort - Stichting M



This video shows how Stichting M works (English).



This is a commercial of Stichting M against violence towards first responders (Dutch).


You can also check out their matching website at (only in Dutch), their YouTube channel and Twitter account @M08007000

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