Sundays. A film about our future. by PostPanic



We all know PostPanic: A Dutch hybrid film production company based in Amsterdam creating unique visual work for the international advertising, broadcast, retail and music industries.

Last week they invited me to their Panic room; where speakers were presenting their work and thoughts about design.
But the most interesting part of the night was the announcement of the short film: Sundays.

At the moment they’re raising money through Kickstarter to make this short film a reality.


What is the project?

Sundays (working title) is a short film idea created and written by Dutch commercials director Mischa Rozema. It is a project he has been living and sleeping with for the past years. It is the result of stories inhabiting his head, images that need to be visualised and the the desire to create a film completely different to anything we’ve seen before. The story is there, so is the research. What we are asking your help with is the opportunity to create a short film using the skills and passion of Mischa and his team at PostPanic and Savage.

We’re raising money through Kickstarter to make this short film. We want to show what is visually possible when creative integrity is closely guarded from the beginning. We don’t want to risk diluting Mischa’s vision by 3rd parties forcing him to become more mainstream and commercial. We want to show what he is capable of as a storyteller when he has complete control over the direction.


What is ‘Sundays’ about?

We are fast approaching an event, unparalleled in our history. A tipping point known as a technological singularity. It’s the moment when computer power surpasses human intelligence. This moment is inevitable. Our world will change forever.

We are on the verge of having to decide the future of humanity. In order to maintain we might have to change the very definition of what it means to be human. So what exactly is ‘human’? Where does it begin and where does it stop. Are we willing to stretch its definition and our ethics to corners we never could have imagined. Is there an infinite deadline on our existence?

This is the story of what it means to be human and how the characteristics of what makes us special stand the test of time. It’s evident that technologies are now tied to our evolution as a species. Does our biology define us as human beings or is it the ideals for which humanity stands for?


Support this Project through Kickstarter!

PostPanic is raising money through Kickstarter to make this project a reality. And honestly, who doesn’t want to be a part of that?
With giving them support you’ll also get some epic goodies and your name will be listed.

Go to
to find out more and let’s make this project happen!


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