Superb Negative Space Illustrations by Noma Bar


Noma Bar is an artist born in Israel now based in London, UK. In 2000 he graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design with a B.DES Bachelor of Graphic & Type Design. He describes his work as visual communication, combining the skills of artist, illustrator and designer. In his work he uses the art of negative space, modifying shapes so that the negative space is becoming an object on itself.


Now have a look at his work, some shapes you might not recognise immidiately, but take the time and it will be rewarded!



Red Riding Hood by Noma Bar

Tea For Two by Noma Bar

Wish You Were Here by Noma Bar

Record Player - Nick Hornby by Noma Bar



I am after the maximum communication with minimum elements



Rhetoric by Noma Bar

Table Reservation by Noma Bar

Legs by Noma Bar

Don DeLillo - The Body Artist Book Cover by Noma Bar

Negative Space Book by Noma Bar




Visit the website of Noma Bar at or buy his books Negative Space or Guess Who?: The Many Faces of Noma Bar on Amazon.

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