The Beautiful Art of Tomer Hanuka


So, this is officially my first post over here at OF. I thought I would start as I mean to go on and introduce some of you to the incredible work of Tomer Hanuka – one of my all time favourite artists. Illustrators and poster collectors will no doubt already be more than aware of his work – he is one of the greats. But for those of you that aren’t, Tomer is New York based and originally from Israel. His client list would make even some of the biggest creative veterans eyes water, in addition to his long list of clients he also holds an award from the British Design Museum  and even an Oscar nomination – he was part of the art team on the animated documentary Walt with Bashir.

For now though, sit back and enjoy some of his work.





Tomer’s homepage is here, be sure to visit his web store as he still has some beautiful art prints available for purchase and his book ‘Overkill’ is also a worthy addition to any bookcase. You can also follow him on twitter @tropical_toxic

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