The Droste Effect


The Droste Effect means that an image includes a small version of it’s own.
And this repeats also in the small version. And so on.

The effect is named after a Dutch cacao company called Droste.
The packaging for their cacao powder displayed a nurse which carries
a serving tray. On this serving tray was another box of cacao powder,
which displayed this same image and so it kept repeating.


Droste Cacao Powder Packaging























The droste effect on Pink Floyd album Ummagumma

Pink Floyd Ummagumma Cover




















M. C. Escher was a Dutch artist.
He also used the Droste effect in a couple of his images
that takes you on a neverending loop. They are best displayed in these videos.


M.C. Escher – The Print Gallery – Part 1


M.C. Escher – The Print Gallery – Part 2



This is one way of the Droste effect. However it has developed,
and the repeating images could be connected with eachother which
created an even more interesting effect.

Josh Sommers is one of the artists that explored the Droste effect
and made some dazzling artworks.



Droste Effect by Josh Sommers


You can see more images of the Droste effect by Josh Sommers on his Flickr set.


Here are some fantastic video’s which include the Droste effect.


No Somos Machos Pero Somos Muchos – Clap Your Brains Off


Wild Beast – Limbo Panto

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  1. Filipe Teixeira

    another well known example is the Royal Baking Powder packaging

    • Ben den Hartog

      Hahaha yeah exactly, awesome.

      Thanks for sharing!