The Joy of Books: stop-motion films by Type Bookstore


This past summer, a couple who run a bookstore in Toronto, Canada called Type came up with a very creative way to show their passion for books…and for organising them! They created a short, stop-motion film showing that creative opportunities await you even in something as mundane as organising bookshelves.

Now they are back with their second and much more elaborate stop-motion bookshelf extravaganza! Enjoy.
PS: I am delighted to finally get some great Canadian content on Otherfocus! 🙂

This was the first stop-motion bookshelf video they did with their personal bookshelf.



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You can visit Type Bookstore’s site or follow them on Twitter @typebooks

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2 Responses to “The Joy of Books: stop-motion films by Type Bookstore”

  1. Faheema Patel

    Love it! Makes me miss reading!

  2. Ben den Hartog

    Wow this is marvelous! Most amazing stop-motion video I’ve ever seen!