The Luminarium: Gaia


The Luminarium digital media collective is known for creating exquisite pieces of digital art based around an interpreted theme. In their latest exhibition, Gaia, their international roster of artists have created myriad works of art inspired by mother nature.



Gaia Teaser By: Kaioshen

Infected By: Kaioshen

Life Lab By: priteeboy

The Valley of Gaia By: Shue13

s a k u r a By: Jade318

The beginning By: Maxime des TOUCHES

Gaia’s World By: Cristian

Origins of Life By: priteeboy

We are but so small. By: Smiling Demon

Eclipse By: taenaron

Starlight By: Smiling Demon

Pinnacle Station By: tsarye

Wizard’s Watch By: grungetv

Ancient Memories By: Tigaer

Infected By: Kaioshen
Be sure to check out the full exhibition here.

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