The Momentus Project


Looking for inspiring illustration? Look no further.
The Momentus Project has quickly gained attention for the diversity
and quality of the work produced.
It contains illustrations from aspiring as well as established artists globally.
These illustrations highlight key events in U.S. History, and are personal
interpretations of the artists involved.
The project was created by former Planet Propaganda Art Director, Evan Stremke.
Stremke is a seasoned veteran in design and is always pushing for the next big thing.
The Momentus Project remains to be a staple in the plethora of ideas that he executes.
The Revolutionary WarJon Contino



The Ratification of the Constitution – Erik Hamline


The Dred Scott Case - Jay Schaul


The Attack On Pearl HarborJohn Soat


The Vietnam War – Tim Boelaars


The Attacks of September 11, 2001 – Ted Quinn 


The Invasion of Iraq – Two Arms


The Capture of Saddam Hussein – Craig Henry


The Hurricane Katrina DisasterKendrick Kidd


The End of the NASA Shuttle Program - Parliament of Owls

Want to see the entire project? Head on over to their website.



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