The surreal photography of Nicholas Kennedy Sitton


Nicholas Kennedy Sitton is a very exciting young photographer based in San Francisco. He is currently pursuing a BFA in photography at the Academy of Art.

Nicholas’ work  has a beautiful and often surreal quality to it. He leverages techniques such as multiple exposure to great effect, creating images that appear to be from a sort of dream-state. His photos have a sombre, haunting quality to them, with an incredibly tangible sense of mood.
I find some have an almost cinematic feel to them.



Another thing I find striking about Nicholas’ photography is the way he seems to really capture a sense of intimacy with his subjects. He obviously has a way of making people feel extremely comfortable in front of a lens. You don’t feel as if you’re looking at a photo of a person but as if you are actually looking the subject dead in the eye or as if you are sharing an intimate, emotional moment of their lives.



Nicholas has a very unusual and artful approach not only to his photography but also to his post-production. Instead of using post-production as a means of boosting details, colours and such Nicholas employs post-production as a means of opening up a whole new vantage point on the scene.

Here is a really interesting series of experiments he did, creating an Inception-esque sort of warped reality. In them he takes scenes that would otherwise be somewhat unremarkable and gives them a very striking treatment.



Nicholas will be someone to keep an eye on in the future.

Check out his blog and Flickr account below:

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