Translucent Tape Art by Max Zorn


Max Zorn is a street artist from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He creates art with various layers of brown packaging tape and a razor. With his finished artworks he climbs into street lamps to put them on there. His artworks look vintage and with the light of the street lamp shining trough it creates an even more beautiful picture! Gaze at some of his work below.




Miss It by Max Zorn

4meer by Max Zorn

Nude by Max Zorn

Ankes Revenge by Max Zorn

Don't Worry Honey by Max Zorn




You might wander how he creates those artworks? Well here’s a video of the creation of one of them.





Let’s Stick Together

and pimp street lights around the world with tape art

Let’s Stick Together is a project created by Max Zorn. The mission of this project is to get tape art on street lights and windows all over the world. YOU can help him with that, you can mail him at and with a little luck you’ll get a beautfiul piece of tape art send to your address. You can also support him by donating to him, by certain amounts of money you’ll get a tape art send to you! Read all the details of the project and on donating to him on this page.



Max Zorn putting his work out there. He makes the streets his personal museum!


Art by Max Zorn on Street Light Lisbon

Art by Max Zorn on Street Light Madrid





More work of Max Zorn can be found on his website,
his Facebook or follow him on Twitter @maxzornartist

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