Typography Artists Inspiration #12


Kate Moross

Kate Moross is a designer based in London, England.
She has got a fascination with typography and freeform lettering.


Hard To Explain by Kate Moross

Vogue Wall by Kate Moross


More work of Kate Moross on her website www.katemoross.com
and follow her on Twitter @katemoross




Sean McCabe

Sean McCabe, also known as seanwes is a designer from San Antonio, Texas (USA).
During high school he was constantly drawing letterforms and he hasn’t stopped yet.
He has made various hand drawn lettering and also some fonts.


Aesthetic by Sean McCabe

Nothing Says Something As Beautiful As Hand-drawn Lettering by Sean McCabe


More handdrawn lettering from Sean on his website www.seanwes.com
or follow him on Twitter @seanwes



Jess Lykkegaard

Jess Lykkegaard is a Graphic Designer and illustrator from Denmark.
Jess loves to combine his graphic design skills with typography to create beautiful graffiti murals and paintings.


Find more of his work on his website www.grafvity.com and Behance

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  1. Anne Elster

    oooh love the graffiti style!