Typography Artists Inspiration #15


Saranna Drury

Saranna Drury is a Graphic Designer and Typographer from Thames. Saranna is a big fan of type and lettering and she enjoys pointing out typefaces whenever she spots them. She also likes hand lettering and publication design.


Find more of Saranna’s work on her website www.sarannadrury.com
Follow her on Twitter @Sarannana




Kyle Kargov

Kyle Kargov is a Graphic Designer and Typographer from Ontario, Canada. Kyle’s focus is based on fresh and innovative design that evokes a sense of engagement.


Find more of Kyle’s work on his website www.kargov.com
Follow him on Twitter @kkargov





Theo Aartsma

Theo Aartsma is a designer and illustrator based in Groningen, The Netherlands. He is also known under his alias as  Sumeco. He has been working as a webdesigner first before he discovered his passion for graphic design and illustration. There are a couple of typography pieces in his portfolio, see some of them below.


Typography for Computer Arts by Theo Aartsma

T-shirt Illustration for Exact Science San Francisco by Theo Aartsma

For more of Theo’s work visit one of his websites at www.cargocollective.com/theoaartsma or www.sumeco.net.
You can also follow him on Twitter @sumeco72

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