Typography Artists Inspiration #19


Chris Piascik

Chris Piascik is a freelance designer and illustrator based in Connecticut, USA. Here you can see some of his illustrative typographic work.



Growing Up Means Giving Up by Chris Piascik

The Understudy by Chris Piascik



Find more work  of Chris’  work on his website www.chrispiascik.com or follow him on Twitter @chrispiascik




Emily Maher

Emily Maher is a graphic designer living and working in London (UK). She has done work in various fields including branding, illustration, photography and typography/lettering. In this case we focus on her lettering designs.



You've Got Me In Knots by Emily Maher

Triangles Taste Better by Emily Maher



To see more of Emily’s work, go to her website www.emilymaher.com




Luke Williams

Luke Williams is a graphic designer and photographer based in Chicago, USA. In his graphic design work, lettering and typography play an important role.



Design Takes Root by Luke Williams

Black & Blue Ball by Luke Williams



Find more of his work on his website www.lukelukeluke.com or follow him on Twitter @LLLukeWilliams


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