Typography Artists Inspiration #20


Michael Sungaila

Michael Sungaila lives in Sydney, Australia and is an illustrator interested in Typography, Motion Graphics, the night sky, and board games.
In his portfolio you can find some lovely hand lettering and vintage Typography.






You can find more illustration and typography work on his portfolio cargocollective.com/Sungaila or follow him on Twitter @MichaelSungaila




Berto Herrera

Berto Herrera, better known as Berto Legendary H on the web, is a designer and artist based in Portland, USA. A good part of his work is typography, a small selection can be viewed here.



Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll by Berto Herrera


Pacsun Collaboration - We Say Sell & Trade Gold by Berto Herrera



Find more work on his website www.bertolegendaryh.com or on Facebook.

Andy Smith


Andy Smith is an illustrator based in Hastings, England. Most of his work consists of illustrated typography with a handmade feel.



Hot Ouch Danger by Andy Smith

Pumped Up by Andy Smith



More typography and illustration work of Andy Smith on his website www.asmithillustration.com or follow him on Twitter @andysmithdraws


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