Typography Artists Inspiration #25


Amanda Redmond

Amanda Redmond is an illustrator and vector artist residing in Gerogia. Amanda’s style of typography has beautiful curves and flow.


Find more of Amanda’s work on Shadowness
Also follow her on Twitter @shebid



Karen To

Karen To is a graphic designer and letterer from the US. Karen started an ongoing DeadWords project which is basically the revival of words no longer in use through typographic illustrations.

You can find more of Karen’s DeadWords project here
Also take a look at her personal website  www.epiclayers.com




Boglárka Nádi

Boglárka Nádi is an illustrator and typographer from Hungary.  Boglárka  has a diverse portfolio with rich colours full of intricacy.

You  can find more of Boglárka’s work on her website www.cargocollective.com/bigibogi


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