Typography Artists Inspiration #26


Bobby Haiqalsyah

Bobby Haiqalsyah is a designer, art director and typographer from Melbourne, Australia.
Bobby describes himself as a pixel pusher and typochondriac. For a retired chef he sure whips up awesome recipes for his typography pieces.



Find more of Bobby’s work on Behance. Also give him a follower on Twitter @Bobsta14





Neil Tasker

Neil Tasker is a freelance designer and typographer residing in Michigan. Neil combines his love for lettering with design to create visually striking typographic pieces.




Find more of Neil’s work on his website www.neiltasker.com
Also give him a follow on Twitter @neiltask 





Brandon Ehrlich

Brandon Ehrlich is a designer, illustrator and letterer  living in Indiana. Brandon’s pieces have graceful hand drawn qualities with beautiful flow.


Find more of Brandon’s work on his website www.brandonehrlich.com
Also  follow him on Twitter @bmehrlich

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